Affordable Housing Training Academy

Launches in 2022 with critical support from KeyBank Community Development Lending and Investment

With experience in working with over 100+ management companies, OCCH is fully aware of the unique challenges in staffing property operations. Site managers, service technicians, regional managers and central office staff are all in short supply, resulting in unprecedented staffing and training challenges across the country. In response to these challenges, OCCH has taken proactive steps to improve the quality and accessibility of trainings available to new and existing staff, while also working to lower the cost of those trainings.

In 2022, OCCH re-branded and re-positioned its long-standing OCCH Training Academy to better serve the needs of its Partners and to better respond to the ongoing staffing crisis within the affordable housing industry.

Previously, the OCCH Training Academy had been active for 25+ years primarily utilizing an in-person classroom model, training OCCH Partners on LIHTC regulatory compliance and management best practices. With the onset of the pandemic, in-person trainings ended and OCCH pivoted to an ‘online and on-demand’ model, enabling trainings to be delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Along with the change in format came a change in name and branding, and OCCH Training Academy became the Affordable Housing Training Academy (AHTA).

Offered nationwide, OCCH Partners receive a considerable discount on pricing for this valuable training service, and AHTA has made these trainings also available to non-Partners as well.

AHTA training focus on the property management needs specific to the affordable housing industry. Content includes instruction on site maintenance and site management, as well as fair housing and regulatory compliance. AHTA also has a robust set of offerings addressing personal and professional development, technology, leadership development and more. All courses have been developed by instructors who are recognized leaders within their area of expertise.

OCCH extends its gratitude to KeyBank Community Development Lending and Investment (KeyBank CDLI), which sponsored the AHTA initiative. KeyBank CDLI’s support as AHTA’s Founding Sponsor in 2022 allowed for tremendous growth of content on the AHTA platform, including more than doubling the amount of content in the course catalogue, and allowing AHTA to make critical improvements to the platform itself.

AHTA now offers over 250+ courses representing 180+ hours of training content. AHTA recognizes and thanks KeyBank CDLI for their tremendous level of support of affordable housing training through their support of the ATHA initiative.

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